Friday, April 1, 2011

Worlds Best Army

The Peoples Republic Army is one of the strongest in the world.

Number of Soldiers is 2,255,000 with an additional 375,520,000 males age 15-49 which could be used in an assault.  This is a very large army compared to the rest of the world. 250,000 personnel total Army Size Could easily reach 500million with the recruitment of the entire able bodied population being drafted for war.

Air Force
400,000 personnel
1,900/2500 Combat Ready Aircraft

64 destroyers
56 frigates
223 missile boats
170 torpedo boats
58 submarines
84 amphibious warfare ships
~387 coastal warfare vessels
~31 mine warfare vessels
~370-480 landing craft
~150 auxiliary/support vessels
260 gunboats
95 submarine chasers
4 patrol boats

The US continues to make unwise choices regarding it's own finances.  Spending while not saving. 14.3 Trillion in national debt and growing with every passing second.  The USD will fall eventually that is why Dick Cheney has foreign assets and currency.  The fact that most of the debt is owned by China means that they have the power to literally cause the dollar to fall overnight

They will not do this until they have secured a large amount of resources.

Take a look at this page from 2008 to see what I mean and keep in mind that this number has grown since then..

The media will tell you that the US is still number one but in reality China is way ahead of the US.  Their Navy, Air Force, and Ground Troops will increase greatly in coming years.  Just look at the facts and look at what is happening.   China is the new world superpower but just hope the US stays on there good side.


The people are finally starting to get worried but is it to late? Has the US already built its own tomb out of false promises to repay debt and terrible financial leadership?  Within the next 100 years this question will be answered in one of two ways.

#1 America will stabilize and regain its former glory.  The economy will flourish and we will repay our debts owed around the world.  The dollar will not fall.  China will remain peaceful with us.  This scenario would be great but will it really happen?  I hope so.

#2  America does not stabilize its economy and will never regain its glory.  The dollar falls to all time lows and we become similar to a third world country.  China seizes upon this opportunity to forever shutdown the thief of the world.  Give it 20 years and China will have more than enough resources to easily carry out this task. 

There is no way to predict what will happen to the USA but as of now the future is grim for our country.  Best of luck to you all hard times are likely to be ahead start stocking up now.  Saving up isnt a bad idea either perhaps in a foreign currency.

Additional info..

This is the latest defense report published by our government.

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